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Product Specialist: Irnes Kozic, 303.350.1262, ikozic@spaceco.com



Create the optimum lighting conditions for your workspace. As ambient light levels change throughout the day, the wave light senor will automatically adjust to the conditions. This automatic adjustment helps maintain consistent illumination while helping conserve energy.


• Patented refractive lens technology provides the greatest and most consistent distribution of light

• Ergonomically easy to use, reduces glare and provides proper adjustments for users

• Improves productivity

• Reduces eye strains

• Improves worker comfort

• Environmentally friendly

• Technologically advanced high performance LEDS

• Helps earn LEED credits

• Helps increase space efficiencies with slim profile design

• Reduce ambient light levels by improving task light quality

• No light pooling, no multiple or high contrast shadows

• Helps reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings

• Five Year Warranty

Technical Specifications

• Peak light output of 80fc

• Area of illumination (80fc - 20fc), greater than 2’ x 2’ (60cm x 60cm)

• Color temperature 3800k

• Color Rendering index 71

• Luminous efficacy 47.5 Lm/W

• Life expentancy 50,000 hours

• Automatic Dimming

• Electrical input at full strength 9.39 Watts

• Double extension counterbalanced arm

• Arm extension over 27” (71cm) from fully loaded

• Arm vertical stop

• 2 axis rotation of light head

• Light head can rotate to be parallel to any surface in all arm positions

• Multiple mounting options; Desktop, Clamp Desk Base with power receptacles, Slatwall, Wall Mount, SpaceBeam, SpaceBeam 2 and DIRTT mounts

• Finish options: Platinum, White, Black


Wave Light II:

• Steel and aluminum components with powder coat

• Recycled content - 25%

• Recyclable after use - 99% Cardboard Packaging:

• Recycled content - 75%

• Recyclable after use - 100% Plastic Packaging:

• Low density polyethylene

• Recycled content - 30%

• Recycleable after use - 100%



Contact us for more information on how Adapt Global, Inc. can assist in creating your ideal workspace.

17650 E. 32nd Place
Ste 10B
Aurora, CO

303 371 6222

F 303 375 6644


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